Limited Edition Tic-Tacs and Oreos! / Easter candy

Mom emailed us about Easter Dinner – I guess that’s coming up, sigh. Good thing nobody wants it on the Saturday, because that’s the last regular season game! Plans all around, baby! When I opened a box of Birthday Cake Oreos after finishing my latest mini-project, they smelled almost too sweet. I’ve since tried one, and they’re pretty good! Went out to London Drugs afterwards to get toilet cleaning supplies (am trying 2000 Flushes for BLUE WATER), various on-sale Easter chocolate for Chrystal and the kids (eggs / Russell Stover mini bunnies), two mini marshmallow eggs, eight Easter cards (to use up the stickers – doubling them up – which Julie S. gave me), a parental anniversary card, a birthday card for Enoch (taking advantage of an in-store coupon), 140 Hello Kitty stickers, Real Fruit mango and yogurt gummies, and some limited edition Arctic Rush Tic-Tacs. I also got an on-sale Easter stuffed animal ($2.99 – save $7) for the upcoming baby. Yes, I’m spoiling the kid already, and it isn’t even born yet!

Got home to a phone call AND email from my sister, who says that Mom is QUITE anxious to book flights. Called Mom (after dialing myself first – FAIL!) to give her my passport info; she says I can invite Chinese Eric to the dinner. Cool, because I was going to ask him on Saturday! Also turns out that I was right in guessing that Troy and Brandi are sorta kinda together-ish, so YES! On the hockey group, she asked how I knew: my intuition kicked in!

Here’s a picture of Birthday Cake Oreos:

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