Eric had to buzz me on MSN last night; he tried convincing me to be a curling spectator, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I do have my beloved weekly tradition – as a quirkyalone (which I also told him about), I need that part of my routine. I guess I knew I was different from childhood. When you go off on your own to read during a friend’s seventh birthday party (wonder if Kevin George still remembers that), and make up elaborate families (the Frothings!) in your head till your twenties or so…. yeah. My mom would ALWAYS say that “you can’t live a dream world because life isn’t like that,” but I would just think “What if I WANT it to be like that?!” Yes, I know that life isn’t about those things practically, but seriously… WHY NOT?! Is it HARMING you, lady?! Sheesh!

Besides, there’s a hockey game on at 7! Yes, I will especially need peace and quiet during that time tomorrow! I finished the quadruplets and quintuplets lists yesterday, too. Should be able to finish both sextuplets entries today, which will be nice for my self-imposed deadline of tomorrow before 2. That way, I can truly enjoy the aforementioned weekly tradition AND Saturday! Replied to Mandy’s email as well – yes, it IS awesome that I know a part of myself. 😀

Price Smart customer service called me about those Birthday Cake Oreos – I KNEW THERE WAS A REASON WHY I DIDN’T GO OUT TILL NOW! I’m sure the workers there laughed on the inside when I asked them why they weren’t on the shelves, but the Customer Service desk had two boxes for me. I also bought five on-sale Hungry Man microwaveable meals, and one more bag of kimchi dumplings. (they had potstickers, but I’ll get those next time) I failed at using my debit card at the self-checkout, so I used the cash option instead! Steph and Lisa had bought a box at Target in the States last week, it turns out – “you should have told us earlier!” indeed. Paid my phone bill when I got home, also. Spent less than $25 at the store, which is GOOD – CONTROL!

Hungry Man Homestyle Meatloaf microwaveable meal!


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