Jalapeno bagels, birthday compliments, and dollar store items

A random foreign person tried adding me to Facebook; I DON’T THINK SO! Mike T. says it’s the newest tool for spam – unfortunately, I’m not surprised! Mom tried to call me, so I had to call her back if I didn’t want her bugging the heck out of me all week. She says that she doesn’t want me to spend money (at least they understand that), but I want to do things independently as long as it doesn’t bankrupt me! Luckily, I had the wedding and baby shower gifts for Dawn and Eni / Harmony / Jane under control, but I did need to get the cards! Am I obligated to get something for Jane? I guess I should, if just a token gift… it’ll be understandable if my gift for Harmony is better, of course.

Before I left to do some banking, I was responsible and paid my Shaw bill. Also tried calling Chinese Eric again, but Auntie told me that they were MOVING (?!) – well, of course he can call me back tonight if that’s the case! Got a jalapeno bagel from Tim Horton’s (which was pretty good), and a lychee BBT from Big Orange after I did my banking. Went to the dollar store to grab a birthday card for Dad (I hate writing upside down on envelopes!), a birthday card which made me laugh, baby shower cards for Jane and Harmony, a duck baby photo frame for Jane, two Canucks stuffed dogs (for me and BABY DRAGON), and a few gift bags for less than $25. PRIDE!

The card which made me laugh: I don’t usually send birthday cards that are full of compliments, but as it’s you, I’ll make an exception…

Happy Birthday from the kindest, greatest, most fantastic person in the world!!

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