Berman, vibrators, Calla NOT Kayla, binoculars, Auntie Grace, and Green Village

Surprised Eric this morning by answering the phone with “Wedding Forum – how may I help you?” Hahaha! We discussed many things on the way to church: weddings in general, good friends, Christian music / static / the Shell Busey home improvement show / 99.3 the Fox, his meetings after church today and next week, religion, funerals, morbid stuff, wedding shows, TLC, things working out after all ride-wise, how I was “drunk” / “getting married,” flipping through a Henri Nouwen devotional (of ALL the reading material I could have chosen?!), and more. Since he opted to jaywalk when we parked, I went to the crosswalk and avoided an awkward encounter with Randal. I know it shouldn’t be, but it still kind of is for some odd reason. As it is, he said “Morning” to me when I exited the Sunfire since he was passing by; I just said “hello” in response.

Got into the sanctuary, said hi to Joanna and Priscilla on the other side (it IS Spring Break!), saw Enoch, then noted Paul’s presence. I was determined not to let him have the power to ruin my day, so reminded myself of that. Thank goodness he didn’t sit close by, although he did say hi to MY friend Jeremy, whom I am protective of! (Jon also said hi to him) Talked to Nathan W. about his folding the bulletin in creative ways, and noted Jon talking to Jeremy about French Press coffee (incentive to attend Sunday School) and the Whip later. Gave Jon his envelope from Berman and Grace, and noticed that Pastor Bob mispronounced Calla’s name as “Kayla” – I’m not even sure HOW that computes in his mind! There was also a very brief question and answer session after the offering; Eric later told me that the plan was to make it a regular part of service. Oh dear… more excuse to leave early!

Made sure to say hi to Grandma and tell her that we’d be going to dinner with Jon tomorrow, even though she won’t remember. Auntie Eva wanted to make sure I knew the plans – yes, of course! Went into the fellowship hall and said hi to Deb, Auntie Soo, baby Ava, Adam, Andrew, Lawrence, Amanda, and others. Yes, my parents get back tomorrow from their South American cruise! Checked with Jon about stuff tomorrow, which was fine. Went upstairs and said hi to Mel, Frances, Micah (who wouldn’t hold hands with his little friend), little Joanna, Benedict (who said the sleepover went as expected), Martin, Sarah C., Mei Lin, Auntie Vivian, and others.

Saw Jessie, Lanie, Rachel’s grandma, new kids named Jared L. (3) and Natalie (1), Ashley (gave her a Kleenex when she cried), David, Evelyn, Ramen, Shira, and James at Toddler Sunday School. Played with toys, cars, Legos, binoculars, and puzzles; also indulged James wanting to touch the subtle bling on my blue sweater, and his seeming need to hold my hands. Learned that Ashley is allergic to hand sanitizer, which does happen. It was fun, and I had missed that whole thing.

Afterwards, I checked with Jon about his teaching at the HOHOHOs, and he figures that he’ll start at 3 and be here at 4:30. All I gotta do is tell Grandma not to cook anything at least 20 times tomorrow afternoon, hahaha. Doesn’t matter if Jon’s invited Eric to the Hog Shack / hockey game plans, although we shouldn’t count on Big G to pay for the whole thing! I said hi to Pastor Edward; when Auntie Grace (with Uncle George) spotted me, she gave me a big hug hello! (I’m sure Dave and Tiffany are doing well) Went to Green Village for lunch with Grandma, Uncle Eric, Auntie Brenda, Auntie Eva, Uncle Percy, and Auntie Paula – yes, I can understand Chinese!

After Auntie Eva filled up at the gas station (then bought oranges and milk at the nearby Safeway), she took us back to the townhouse. Grandma took her purse into the washroom – like I told Steph on the phone later, WHO’S GOING TO STEAL IT?! She also forgot where her room even WAS in the house. *sigh* Now she’s cleaning while I’m watching UNTOLD STORIES OF THE E.R., KING TUT TOMB STORIES, and more. Some poor guy on this show has a vibrator stuck up his ass, and insists on anonymity. Good luck with that one! (especially since you need a gastroenterologist and anesthesia!)

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