TOMORROW NEVER DIES / JUNIOR / Kind neighbors / Burned bowls

Talked to James about a bunch of stuff last night, then watched TOMORROW NEVER DIES and JUNIOR after being sucked into a consecutive repeat of BREAKOUT WARS. Replied to Mandy’s email, too… went to bed at 4 AM. Today, I didn’t see my parents’ garbage can or recycling bin when I went outside to see if the garbage / recycling trucks had taken the contents. I was scared as HELL for a minute, and was about to look around the townhouse complex like a crazy woman. Then I discovered that some kind neighbor soul had put them back in the carport. PHEW!

Watched the JERRY SPRINGER show, THE PEOPLE’S COURT, and HOARDERS. Someone rang the doorbell – turned out to be #1 (Jack), saying he’d be in Hong Kong till the end of April. Okay, then. Burned a bowl while attempting to make brown and wild rice; I just tossed it, and had seafood with cookies instead.


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