Spicy pig’s ears! / Nori peanuts / Perfect excuses and passports

Steph called to see if I’d like to go out for lunch with the lards; thank goodness that the food shopping appointment provided the perfect excuse! I’ll probably be able to stand them when they get back, even if I’ll need to contact Flime about dinner that night in a couple of weeks! When Barry picked me up, I bought some things at Price Smart: Kleenex with lotion, Dutch Crunch chips (Jalapeno and Cheddar x2 – one for tonight’s potluck / Cracked Black Pepper and Balsamic Vinegar / Mesquite BBQ), nori peanuts (impossible to open – I’ll get Eric to do that), on-sale Samlip dumplings (kimchi / vegetable), Olympic Greek yogurt x2, some bananas, spicy pig’s ears, Silk dark chocolate almond milk, a Jer’s peanut butter and chocolate bar FOR Jer (hahahaha!), and a Grilled Beef Steakette “Pub Favorites” Hungry Man Dinner.

I was disappointed to learn that they didn’t sell garbage cans anymore! He agreed to drive me to the post office at Shoppers Drug Mart in Blundell Centre, even if I was REALLY awkward about asking. Thank goodness, since I really would have had no time to bus there in the rain, keeping the beloved weekly tradition in mind! As I thought, the mail delivery notice was indeed for my new passport! Got home and called Steph after putting things away: I might start living at the lards’ tomorrow, even. (concerned about that curry beef, I am!) With that in mind, I started to pack a few things like clothing!

Hungry Man grilled beef steak “Pub Favorites” microwaveable meal!


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