9 AM pocket dials / CRABS / Skype and Kenny

When I got up, I was surprised this morning when my Caller ID said that Steph had called me at 9 AM, so I called her back to see what she’d wanted at that early hour. She insisted that she hadn’t called me, but I said that my Caller ID said so. Then she concluded that she must have pocket-dialed me! We talked about court / our plans for the day / #9 with Rita on Tuesday / the whole “steady boyfriend” question, haha! I figure she assumed Steph was being smart! I then wondered what time Steph was going to Mom’s tomorrow, but she asked what time it started.

When I found Mom’s email, I told her that Mom was going to buy “CRABS, fish, and steak” for dinner. As Steph said, “I was like UHHH… CRAB is something you eat, and CRABS are something else entirely!” We should tell Mom, but she won’t change! Steph will call tomorrow before she gets here at about 6:15 or so, which is fine by me. Hey, I can eat the yellow drippings again! (that’ll make an interesting FB status…) Talked to Kenny via Skype messages about personal stuff, too. (I guess MAPLESTORY seems addicting…) After that, I decided to do some laundry before I ran out of things.


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