Peeing sign, Tokyo Joe’s, Whitney Houston, cannibalism, passport stuff

It’s about 9°C outside, so I turned down my heater! Chinese Eric left me several messages on MSN this morning while I was busy reading about cannibalism: Tuesday is okay to hang out, and he wants to know what I’d like for a takeout dinner that night. Gee, I can’t very well reply when you sign off immediately after sending the messages, you silly creature! Hahahaha! (yeah, I could leave him offline messages, but he’s so busy that I don’t know if he’d get them in time…) Not that I know what I want for dinner on Tuesday NOW, of course… just not pizza, sushi, or Chinese food since I’ve had those (or will have them) recently. Maybe Greek or Italian food? It also depends on the poor guy’s dietary restrictions, too… =/

Steph and Lisa called at 1 to say they were coming here soon; nice! When they picked me up, they came in so Steph could take a photo of the peeing sign, and Lisa gave me the box of seaweed (on sale for $6.99!) and my wedding invitation! I didn’t mind going to Tokyo Joe’s for lunch; apparently, they had fantastic sushi according to the girls. They were right; very fresh ingredients in a very friendly authentic screaming restaurant! We had a mango California roll, spinach with peanut sauce, free miso soup, a DRAGON roll, spicy sashimi (including a very good TORO – tuna belly), a yam and cream cheese roll, and a VOLCANO roll. Actually, we might have ordered more, but the waitress stopped us in a friendly tone. Discussed our impending aunt status, a HUGE box of M&Ms from the States, cheap wine from the States, going to the lards’ later, “doll,” worrying about seafood going bad in the fridge, what was new with me (not too much), next week’s dinner, family caring and love, Jon having Slurpees in cold weather while growing up, and the amount of food actually being perfect.

Also talked about my blue “subtle bling” sweater which Steph thought she’d never seen before (WRONG), the NG sort of bombing (NOT involving real explosives!), what Lisa would say to Grandma if they ever had to communicate alone (Chinese gossip magazine pictures!), Nando’s, Save-On Foods being changed to a Price Smart, the “situation” with Eric Ho (THERE IS NONE!), banking, the thrift store, Chinese eyes, brown eyes and eyedrops (painful sun exposure later), cheques, 7-11, RC Palmer (my old junior high), and more. When we got to the townhouse, we said hi to Grandma. She thought we had to call the lards to say we were here, but she also forgot whether it was true or not. We figured she was having memory and confusion issues again, and just settled down with Sudoku / Reader’s Digest / juice / TV moving for electronics recycling purposes / watching sports on the new high-definition TV. (discussed a racist soccer incident)

Eventually, Mom called Steph: “Where are you?! You WERE supposed to call me! We’re stuck behind a train at Ironwood, and we’ve been here for five minutes! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, since I was stuck behind a train for ten minutes the other day while I was with Big G!” Yes, she is REALLY melodramatic, and Steph told her so! After Mom and Dad got home, Mom gave us a bunch of stuff as per usual: rolls of toilet paper, pizza, chocolates, NOW & LATER candy (watermelon / apple / cherry / strawberry / tropical punch / banana / grape / pineapple), microwaveable Farmhouse brown and wild rice, Almond Breeze chocolate almond milk, frozen oat bran muffins, and more.

We discussed ERIC HO (Dad: “There’s nothing wrong with liking someone!” No, but… STOP THE TEASING!), downloading passport forms, Phil, Eric M., Cindy, (black) coffee / sugar / cream, Mom being really well-prepared in the event of death, and scales. Conversed about government rules and documents, Air Miles, British Airways, lunch next Tuesday at #9 with Rita, paying for stuff like a cruise and passport stuff, a Canucks wallet, birth certificates, my needing to look after Big G on March 9 to 12 (I must get a ride from Eric M. for both of us on the Sunday) and then March 18 to 19 evening (Mom says I’m welcome to stay the whole time – which I might!), and the fuses possibly blowing / freezer doors. Also talked about addresses, weight, birth cities (Canton), Jeremy Lin, Mom’s official April 6 birthday, Auntie Eva and the respite centre, cooking, frozen fruit, bananas, microwaveable meals, Rita’s “cute animals” email, purple yam ice cream, strawberries, tax stuff, blueberries, how it would be hard on anyone to look after Big G for sixteen days straight, and more.

The girls and I got going at about 4:30, and we discussed Lisa’s family / cousins / our cousin dynamics / wedding stuff / Jon perhaps not wanting to leave Harmony and Baby Dragon alone in June on the way back to my place. After putting stuff away and looking for other things, I read the government documents and news: I had to call Steph to tell her of Whitney Houston’s death (Lisa: “Oh my God!”) and the fact that the passport photos had to be signed by a guarantor. She advised me to rush to London Drugs before the hockey game, since they were friendly even to the point of telling you other passport photo places. Then I called Dad to advise him of this… after that, I just went to London Drugs since it’s ten minutes away. Thank goodness the whole process was relatively quick, and I got home at 6:15!

Of course, I looked like crap in the photos… but meh. I guess that’s how it goes! It was a good thing that SOMEONE went to bed midway through the second period, bidding me goodnight – not that I talked to him much since I was focused on the intense game, hahaha! It went to OT, and then yet another shootout… the Flames won 3-2, though. Right afterwards, Eric M. bugged me on MSN about leading worship (SERIOUSLY?!) / the lunch tomorrow for Pastor Bob / the family meeting after THAT (ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?! I’LL HAVE NO TIME TO TALK TO CHINESE ERIC AFTER BLOGGING AND NAPPING!) / resentment.

Red dragon sushi roll from Tokyo Joe’s: California roll, unagi, and salmon!

Black dragon sushi roll from Tokyo Joe’s: Double prawn, crabmeat, avocado, unagi, and tobiko!

Dragon sushi roll from Tokyo Joe’s: BBQ eel, cucumber, avocado, and masago!

Yam and cream cheese sushi roll from Tokyo Joe’s: Yam, cream cheese, and smoked salmon!

Volcano roll: California roll, spicy tuna, and masago!

Peeing sign:

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