Twinges, brunch, frozen pasta sauce, Kefka

Woke up because I noticed certain twinges; yup, redrum has made its appearance again. Good thing Eric and I aren’t hanging out till next weekend… and I hope it’ll be normal THIS TIME! Called Steph, who was having brunch with Karen Grace, Margaret, and Jessica – good times, I’m sure! I was going to have some pasta sauce with this Emma Foods gnocchi, but it was FROZEN SOLID from the fridge! Guess it’ll be Frank’s Red Hot sauce instead! (which I am aware isn’t a good substitute, but it’ll have to do) Listened to a crazy 4-3 Canucks win over the Sharks, too!

Kefka, trying to discourage the party at the final battle: “Bleh! You people make me sick! You all sound like lines from a self-help book!”


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