Taco beef penne, Damien, recalcitrant zippers, online support, and fare evaders

Damien had the worst timing ever when he wanted to start a FB chat conversation right before I had to leave to meet Chrystal, but he understood! Good thing he was still on when I got home, heh. It was pretty cold outside, but Chrystal made it to London Drugs before me; I blame the recalcitrant zippers on my winter coat! We talked about ice, her sister Emily, awkward family situations, Chinese Eric, Facebook, Richmond’s power outage yesterday (which Echo told me about!), white Eric, books, hockey, New Year’s doings, movies such as DRIVE, Chinese Eric, Uncle Hansel and Auntie Cathy buttonholing Steph, and my life updates at Boston Pizza.

Also talked about my online support network (which IS a form of communication!), Harmony STILL not looking pregnant, Steph and Lisa, taco beef penne, Sicilian thin crust pizza, Chocolate Explosion dessert, Teunis cutting off contact, Korey, calling people names, and more. I didn’t mind if she just wanted to go home after dinner, since it IS cold outside! Had to go to London Drugs anyway to get on-sale orange Fanta x2, Kleenex x6, and pink Excel White gum. On the bus home, the driver gave fare evaders a massive guilt trip referencing tax dollars and bus frequency – love it!

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