Cactuar and Gigantuar in Maranda desert

Had a much-needed nap, then checked my mail: that awkward moment when you get mail for someone to whom you’re not currently speaking (Teunis) reared its ugly head. I’ll keep it for now, only because I would want the same done for me. Called Chrystal at work to see if she was still up for hanging out and dinner tonight; she is, and 6:30 instead of 7 should be okay! Since it’s cold, I’ll definitely be waiting inside the London Drugs! She’s concerned that I wouldn’t be fine in the weather… hey, as long as it isn’t actually snowing, then I’m up for it!

A Cactuar (Ellen C.’s favorite!) in the desert by Maranda:

Here’s a Gigantuar boss, after you fight ten of the little ones!


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