Twisted Sister is well-known, right?!

When Eric picked me up, I complained about various things (like having to RESTART THE ENTIRE DAWN OF SOULS GAMES!) while he bugged me with the 12 Days of Christmas / DARKWING DUCK / ZELDA. This was stretching my “people” limits, for sure! I told him half-jokingly that I’d never attend church for a while because I liked solitude. We got to Vivian’s, and Christon / Enoch / Vivian / Vicky / Gino were watching some movie about the real-life inspiration for Winnie the Pooh and war. LONDON ZOO! After we ate sushi / macaroni and cheese / grapes / Coke, we had to play Taboo, Pictionary, and Balderdash. Other than my getting ideas to spam Enoch’s FB wall with since he didn’t know what they were (Beatles / Elvis / Twisted Sister), it was mostly boring. Finally got home after 11:30 – no way am I forgiving certain people, for sure! Matt’s last name is NOT Hewitt, that’s for sure… and I’m not in love with others, either!

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