Opinions aren’t calendar dates and easily changed!

Let’s just say that I will not be changing my opinion of anybody because it’s Christmas! Eric picked me up, and we talked about last night since I was unable to do so with his mother in the car yesterday! Then he made me do a spiritual exercise about the birth of Jesus and what it meant because I referred to Christmas as “another day on the calendar” in my rant about how I would never forgive people based on what day it was! I’m not saying Christmas ISN’T special, but I think it’s lost its meaning. It’s sad, so I need to find my own.

Church itself was okay, although I did have to move after saying hi to Nathan because I noticed Paul was right behind me. How Harmony can stand sitting next to someone who’s really tone-deaf, I don’t know! Eric drew the Day 9 STARCRAFT guy, and then drew me and Paul with a plus sign connecting us – he later claimed it was a cross. I DON’T THINK SO! Said hi to Yvonne, Ben and Erin (!), Darren C. and a couple of his friends, Lily, Maxine, Keenan, Calla, Hannah L., Gavin, Grace, Micah, Christon, Cindy, Dianne, Vivian, Karen and Lincoln, Adam L., baby Ava, Tim, Billy, and a few others. When I saw the Awana kids, I said hi to Sean and Ian! Saw Julie, who hugged me: “I FINALLY FOUND YOU!” YAY! I gave her the brandy beans and massive Reese’s peanut butter cups, so she hugged me tightly while thanking me – the surprise and joy was the best Xmas present ever! Went upstairs to talk to Quan and Gino, while Ramen / Shira / Jessie / Martin / Wesley / Ashley were there for Toddler Sunday School.

I had just finished telling Jessie that I’d be there for the entire time when Eric came upstairs and said we had to leave since he had food prep to do before going to his grandma’s – oops! When we went downstairs, I shouldn’t have gone into the fellowship hall while looking for people to give leftover candy – Jon thought that Paul had something to say to me, and literally made me listen. WHAT IS IT WITH HIM AND BEING A DOWNER?! I WAS NOT IN THE MOOD TO LISTEN TO FAKE XMAS WISHES OR FORGIVE! Trust me, I discussed this with Eric at length on the way home! (that is, when he wasn’t bugging me about Matt or ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Christmas music or the New Year’s Eve stuff) HE DIDN’T APOLOGIZE TO ME! Ugh… at least my OTHER FRIENDS get it! I HATE CERTAIN PEOPLE, AND ALWAYS WILL!

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