No more CHARMIN BASIC or Edward freezing! (hopefully…)

Went out just now to get pads, four pairs of dark thick socks ($4 cheaper than Sears!), on-sale tortilla chips x2, toilet paper (NO MORE CHARMIN BASIC!), on-sale Cookies and Creme Hershey’s bars x4, and on-sale spicy chicken noodles x10 at London Drugs… so much for my savings account! Now I’m doing laundry – yay. Discovered an Edward attack glitch (it FREEZES when he attacks!) in the US rom of FINAL FANTASY IV ADVANCE, so now I’m hoping that the European version doesn’t have it also!

NARUTO! your character and what they think of you by Hoshikuro_Amaya
Your name
what you do Student of the AcademyShinobi (genin, chuunin, jounin)Shinobi (ANBU)Shinobi (Assassin)Shinobi (Hunter)Shinobi (just look for your dream)Own a ramen shopOwn a farmYou are only a person in townNinja that only uses taijutsu, or lethal arts
what you look like
Kakashi saw you and thought “She must be a great ninja”
Itachi couldn’t believe you were a ninja
Sasuke thought “ah… she’s no better than me”
Naruto smiled And said “Cool! I want to be as strong as you!”
Orochimaru Wants you as a new container
Jiraiya wanted to take you out
Tsunade called you And thought, “she’s strong… she should be in Konoha…”
Gaara said “you need to train more”
People in town Want to know everything about you

Charmin Basic toilet paper!


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