LJ outage, Granville Island, Daiso, lighting up my life

Hopefully, I can get this out before the scheduled LJ outage at 3:30! Vanessa and I talked on MSN last night about shopping at Daiso, jelly rolls at City Fresh on Saturday the 15th (early?!), assholes, parking, bubble tea, Victoria, Granville Island, plans, Jehovah’s Witnesses as cult members, supper next week, and more. Just checked my mail, and Pajita Uy / Firth is STILL getting stuff here! She hasn’t lived here since at least 2001, when *I* moved in!

Dreams Light Up Your Life

You don’t mind reality, but your fantasy life is so much better. You are an expert daydreamer.

You let yourself escape whenever you need to. You don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little daydreaming.

You are helpful, and inclined to comfort those in need. You like to make a difference.

No matter how many times you’ve been hurt or disappointed, you remain hopeful. You are resilient.

Yeah, I’m too resilient. =/


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