Christon isn’t named CHRISTIAN! How annoying!

Esther Chow finally decided to add me to Facebook, haha. As advertised, Deb came by with the air mattress – thank goodness I could turn my phone off after 9:30 despite Paul not being here yet, haha. Paul called at 11, wanting to apologize for the waking up early and such… I guess there’s nothing I can do but accept it (*sigh*), although I did also tell him how I felt. He also wanted to tell me about jobs, a possible new place (Broadway / Fraser), Starbucks (coffee past 11?! ARE YOU INSANE?!), hanging out with Randal (ew) / Christon (NOT “Christian”!) / Jeremy tonight while they did some Sunday School stuff, Jon, rent, money, reading Numbers, going the wrong way and hitting Lansdowne instead, and more. I personally don’t care if he is out late tomorrow, since I’ll be that way too! HA!


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