New duffle bag, jalapeno chips, and dark chocolate brownies

Turns out Mom called me to say Grandma was having a temper tantrum and refused to go out today. Fine by me – more time for games and shopping at London Drugs for the items I want MYSELF instead of Mom’s picking it out for me with conditions! UGH! Good thing I didn’t bus over to the townhouse, otherwise I’d have wasted more time! I went to London Drugs a bit later to buy pads, on-sale Tim’s jalapeno chips, and on-sale dark chocolate brownies. Saw Michael Ho’s mom on the bus, too! Then I went to the mall and wasted a lot of time looking at the selection of on-sale knapsacks at Sears, which definitely didn’t suit my needs… also encountered a bunch of hyper kids, but it’s all good! Went to Bentley’s instead to get this Adidas duffle bag; yes, I know they’re for exercise essentials, but I can always return the thing if it doesn’t work well in practice at church tomorrow! Had a strawberry bubble tea at Big Orange while I was out, hah. Got home and threw a bunch of things away, and also decided to give these red / blue / grey Staples notebooks to the Mak kids.


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