Chinese Eric’s birthday, BLING, light bulb heaven, Ocean Breeze, Chrystal rescheduling

This morning, I tried calling Chinese Eric to wish him a happy birthday, but got his mom instead. Auntie said that Eric was out with his dad, and she’d get him to call me later. I wasn’t banking on that quite yet, but do understand things with him! When I went out later, I saw Roberta Rosner all blinged out at the bus stop, with all sorts of shiny necklaces and jewelry! I went to Big Orange for some blueberry bubble tea, to Shoppers Drug Mart to stock up on some on-sale laundry detergent (Ocean Breeze and Rain Forest) even though I have two at home, and to London Drugs to get Excel White gum x3 and five packages of 60-watt light bulbs. I forgot about the construction at London Drugs, so I called Chrystal when I got home to advise her of it and change the meeting place slightly. She wasn’t at work, so I tried her home phone – since THAT was busy, I tried her cellphone since I could always leave a message!

As it happened, she wanted to reschedule for Wednesday instead since her aunt and uncle are leaving town tomorrow, and the family’s doing something with them; that’s certainly fine! After telling her some directions to the bus stop or steps, I told Teunis that his important mail had FINALLY arrived! I’m not very patient with the mailing system since I thought he set up mail forwarding already, and it would be at the new place! Seems he hasn’t had the time to do that yet, but picking it up this week sometime sounds good! Since I know he’s busy, I’ll just bug him about the Shaw Digital Box thing tomorrow!


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