Golden Double Stuffed Oreos / Mango cheesecake / Destroying old debit card

Barry picked me up early, and we were off to Price Smart / Save-On Foods. I bought half-price bottled water (30 bottles!), a cocktail-size version of pumpernickel bread, three dark green bath poufs, pads, bananas, on-sale chicken / beef / turkey pot pies (ten for $10 instead of $15), couscous to try, chicken and wild rice / chicken and rotini / minestrone / clam chowder soups, Chinese sausage x2, on-sale cherries, Golden Double Stuffed Oreo (NEW!), and tapioca pudding. Also decided to get extra cash, dill Philadelphia cream cheese, mango cheesecake (Teunis seemed to like that idea to mark transitions), jalapeno and cheddar / sea salt and malt vinegar Old Dutch chips, Greek Olympic yogurt, on-sale Sunlight apple juice / wildberry juice, on-sale coconut milk x2, and Voortman gingerbread cookies. When I got home, I paid my Shaw bill and destroyed my old debit card by cutting it up. While putting things away, I discovered three 100g chocolate bars in the fridge that I’d forgotten about – SWEET!

I called Eric to see if I’d risk another faceplant if I went to the Wednesday block party today; he says we’re not going to that place, and that there’s no ice today. It wasn’t ice that caused me to embarrass myself in front of Randal and others at Jon’s surprise party in November; IT WAS THE STEEP STEPS! He was making food (I could hear dishes clanging in the background), and wondered if I’d go. I told him that it was something to do; what I didn’t tell him was that it would be better than refreshing LJ to get a white page almost constantly, haha. I can always do some banking tomorrow – and it better be ONLY banking, oh my! If he calls around 4:30 or so, I should be good to go. Turns out Safari works on LJ for now… 😀


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