Commonly confused words, lowest MARIO score, and charmers

Matthew M. unfriended me on Facebook, but that’s okay. Chris found this hilarious CRACKED article about 8 words you’re confusing with other words – SO HILARIOUS AND TRUE!

Almost the lowest-scoring MARIO game ever: The current record for lowest score when completing the original Super Mario Brothers is 600 points; five end-of-level flags at their lowest level for 100 points apiece, and one Goomba bounced (100 points) to avoid two coins (100 points each).

You Are an Earth Charmer

You are charming in a steady, subtle, and thoughtful way. Your charms are effective, but they take time.

You can’t help but be keenly aware of the environment around you. You are attentive and perceptive.

You are full of wonder and curiosity. You feel a strong connection to the world.

You are a highly sensitive person. You are both impressionable and responsive.


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