Teunis got home and we discussed OUR anger, grudges, our nerves, Spanish dishes, hearty stews (ANSWER THE HEARTINESS QUESTION WHEN I ASK IT!), onions, carrots, celery, eggs, frying the polenta which needs to be used within a week, dill, his (not) caring, assumptions, Chinese sausage or 臘腸 [lap cheong], diabetes, sugar, and starch. We also talked about his having almost three litres of chickpeas (which is a ridiculous amount) in a dented can, gum and “risk,” having a toothbrush at work (?!), fennel seeds, protein, City Fresh Market, the box of assorted houseware in my room, plates, teacups, cookpots, glasses, overpowering stuff, tomato sauce, chili, spices, oregano, bay leaves, WD-40 / chemicals, dragons, his being very tired, and more.

Called Mom, who knows that Clement and Jocelyn got married since she was invited to the wedding; she also talked about Dad’s birthday, Grandma getting confused, dementia, Facebook, how we knew that an email was forwarded, Youtube videos, Yazmine (why would I want to rekindle a friendship with HER?!), and Alzheimer’s. She brought up Emily and Mike T.’s wedding, financial arrangements which are none of her business, Juliana and Mike K.’s wedding, matchmaking (Teunis and I do NOT work on that level!), working on Sundays, jalapeno cheese, and more. At least I managed to keep my cool during that conversation, since I do remember her looking at Jon and Harmony’s financial ledger at their place! That stuff was definitely none of my business, and at least Teunis and I agree that we work out financial things well.

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