Eric and truculence, Cindy, ex-friends, and meeting my true love (HA!)


The Internet cut out last night at around 10:15, so I had nothing to do but start and finish THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN. Thank goodness it was back on this morning when I got up, since I managed to catch up! Eric M. buzzed me on MSN after he called me once and I called him back twice with no answer: discussed caps lock, truculence, Teunis hanging out with my ex-friends, Christon, Cindy, fermented soybeans, meeting up for dinner at the jazz festival, jealousy, and more. Teunis finally got home at midnight: at least I know he’s safe, and not with any disreputable people! Discussed SCATTERGORIES (too bad it was tied), tomorrow’s plans, Safeway holiday hours, drugs, medicine, the leftover rice, curry, cravings, pot pie, gas, fumes, diesel, and more.

You Will Meet Your True Love Online

You don’t feel comfortable in large crowds of any sort. You get overwhelmed and exhausted.

You value deep, authentic relationships. You’re not big on small talk.

You are a complex and deep person. There are many layers to who you are.

Your true love is a person of substance. You are repelled by superficiality.


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