CONFERENCE FINAL! / Arabic ads / Lego dream / Getting my point across

THE CANUCKS ARE THROUGH TO THE CONFERENCE FINAL FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1994! NOW I CAN BREATHE AGAIN! (with a 2-1 WIN!) Teunis got home right after the game and asked me how many rounds were left, haha. At least there’s no Game 7! Discussed pop, Gmail ads in Arabic / Farsi (not that I can tell the difference!), Christmas music, bad names (ONTARIO?! AWESOME?!), stealing his turn of phrase with “I’m going to be a little bit naughty,” pagan music, and other stuff before I went to bed.

Then I dreamed that I was helping with a bunch of babies, two of whom kept putting blue / yellow / red / white Lego in their mouths. Of course, we had to throw the Lego away afterwards (infinite supply) while trying to keep it away from the kids! Then we tried interesting them in colorful foam puzzle pieces, which kinda didn’t work. I think I’ve been helping a LOT with the Toddler Sunday School, basically!

You Get Your Point Across by Discussing

You are an indirect person, both with yourself and others. You are never sure where you’re going.

You prefer to open things up for discussion and see where the brainstorming takes you. You don’t have expectations.

You are open-minded and flexible. You don’t see things as set in stone, and you like to leave yourself open.

You are a good listener, and you think that you can learn from everyone. You know you’re not always right.


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