Chocolate appreciation, transition, community, intense addictions, and Vanilla Pistachio!

Eric picked me up, and we talked about Ministry / Cindy’s email / the hockey game / the wrong people going AND staying / the election tomorrow / my insanity. When we got to church early, I spent some time talking to Christon (who’s in for Wednesday) and Joey before going into the sanctuary. Had time to read one story before service started, and said hi to Nathan W., who told me that there’d be a Friday the 13th this month. I waved hi to Winnie and her toddler son Cameron just behind me, and also gave Cindy’s early birthday card / stickers to her sister Dianne, who’ll be leaving us herself for Calgary in July! We affirmed some girl named Molly (who Pastor Tom confused with Mei Lin) in her missions outreach – I don’t know her at all, as I said to people later.

After the service, I hightailed it out of there; Mom said she had a handknitted sweater (and some jellybeans and such) for me, so I went to the front desk (saying hi to Frances / Uncle Wayne enroute) and took that along with Jon’s bag of fruit and stuff. I tried to give Stanley his bag of Mega Smarties, but he said he didn’t want it – I gave it to Mike K. with the Lindt eggs and some more chocolate, with the story that I’d gone to two different London Drugs locations last night to see if there were any Lindt eggs left. He definitely thanked me a few times for the candy, and said that chocolate had bombarded his life last night since his older sister Joanna had had six Reese’s eggs (or something) when he got home! HAHAHAHA, nice! Yes, that chocolate will probably give him cavities!

I saw Auntie Ying quite unexpectedly, so I asked her why she didn’t go to Toronto; the airline tickets were too expensive, which I do understand! However, she is going on Wednesday for at least a month, depending on her mom’s health. Said hi to Andrew, Wesley (going to the Interior – ten days on, four days off), Christon, Enoch, Karen I. (coffee and giggling kids!), and others – I was about to cross the room to see what they had at the bake sale, but noticed Mr. Creep nearby. UGH, NO! (and I’d thought he wasn’t here today!) I went upstairs for Toddler Sunday School, and saw Sandi with her daughter Alexis before I got to the room – I gave Alexis a chocolate egg, and she thanked me after some prompting. I saw her, Ada, Anastasia, Ashley, Mattias, David, Evelyn, Ramen, and Shira in the classroom; yes, I said hi to Rachel’s grandma and Jessie! Talked about toys, carrots, Fruit To Go, drawings, coloring, trucks, and more. Went downstairs, where Eric asked if I wanted to go for lunch – I said sure, after I greeted Grandma. Isabel wanted to hang out with us before she leaves in a couple of weeks, so that sounded good.

Eric, Christon, Jon, and I ended up going to the laksa place where we ate lunch months ago – they did simplify the menu! Talked about Jen / Connie / Cindy / others leaving us, Deb having a baby (Christon accidentally let the news slip), Nathan, changes / transition, community, Daniel Fellowship having life and energy, and prayer. We also discussed Mr. Creep being around more now that he’s unemployed (unemployable?!), Pastor Tom’s sermons / the “interim” label, Eunice, SLB on Wednesday, Teunis being unable to take the bus because of his chemical sensitivities (which he later said was fine), Vancouver playing into Nashville’s style, Nathan not being here today, Jeremy being at work today, and more. On the way home, Eric and I talked about tomorrow / Wednesday / Skeena Terrace follow-up on Friday / my redneck hick impersonation when talking about yummy soaps / dinners. He says he’s invited to tomorrow’s dinner, so I’ll probably see him there!

Went home briefly (to find that Cindy had thanked me for the early birthday card and stickers / my constant friendship, and let me know about her reasons for leaving) before going out again to Bath & Body Works: after smelling various scents, I got six bottles of foaming soap for $25. (Freshly Picked Blueberries, Vanilla Pistachio, Freshly Picked Strawberries, Blushing Mimosa, Freshly Picked Cherries, and Cinnamon Heaven… $4.16 each when it’s normally $5.50?!) When I got home again, Teunis said that I had good timing, as the Internet had ceased to work shortly after I left, and had JUST gone back on five minutes before. (router?!) I called Steph while I remembered – she says she and Lisa went to Boston Pizza with the lards the other day, and she figures it went okay. I’d have to ask Lisa if it was awkward, she says. I asked her for a ride tomorrow, and she said sure, but it might have to be early. “Early? Hey, we’re easy – but not THAT kind of easy!” “Ew – you’re being gross!” HAHAHA! Then again, I also had to laugh when she thought that Teunis could be too big to take the bus! That’s not the advertised reason, trust me! Later, I discussed jellybeans / the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (their heaven has a stripper factory!) / the Jedi / Discordians / trolls / lard with Teunis.

Hilarity from Mike B.: “Hey, I’ve got something else to blame you for: a Lindt Blueberry Intense addiction. God, it’s fabulous. I’m eating a 100g bar every other night! Tried the sea salt one, too – but not my cup of tea.”

Bath and Body Works Fresh Picked Strawberries foaming hand soap!

Bath and Body Works Fresh Picked Cherries foaming hand soap!

Bath and Body Works Fresh Picked Blueberries foaming hand soap!

Bath and Body Works Cinnamon Heaven foaming hand soap!

Bath and Body Works Vanilla Pistachio foaming hand soap!

Bath and Body Works Blushing Mimosa foaming hand soap!


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