"Hilarious" conflicts, "earthquake mode," Chocolate Hunt, and a bitter double OT loss

I reminded Teunis of the dinners taking place this week – he says this works for his scheduling; I don’t want to know about that! Also discussed Jethro Tull, Committee Meeting conflicts with JACK BAUER and hockey (he finds that hilarious?!), the Music Animation Machine, not being able to have stuff, and more prior to his leaving earlier than me for a change – wow! I was pretty much ready when John called at 3:30, haha. On the way there, the boys were playing a game involving “earthquake mode,” purple fireballs, attacks, teleportation, farts, and more. When we got to church, I helped Chrystal and Golden with dues while offering them chocolate. I said hi to Jordan, Midora, Antony (he has a real iPhone – unlike his siblings!), Winston, Rosenda, Julie C. (who offered me some pastel M&Ms), Margaret, and others. When I asked Joshua whether he liked his new baby sister Emma, he nodded – then I asked if she cried a lot; he shook his head and hid from me behind his dad Tim. (it was also nice to see his mom Maxine)

Auntie Vivian said that Auntie Rebecca was worried about year-end awards, but graciously left me out of the future post-Awana meeting to figure these things out since she assumed that I had to go home with my ride. This is actually true, since I don’t know how I’d get home otherwise, and it also helps if there’s something on like a hockey game! Then she said that there was watermelon in the kitchen if I wanted some after club, so I went in there and offered people my chocolate eggs. Mike LOVED the Lindt chocolate eggs and took some (as did Mary and others), and Stanley was VERY impressed that I’d received Mega Smarties in the mail. “You got SMARTIES in the mail?! I would LOVE to get those in the mail!” On the way home, the boys mostly played their game again; when they brought up shields and such, I said that I knew someone who actually does have swords / shields / axes / hammers / maces. I saw Ian’s jaw DROP, hahaha! Then he thought that my friend actually was a dwarf (possibly because the dwarfs in SNOW WHITE carry axes to work), so I said that Jordan M. was a real man; I’ve met him twice now! Then we talked about my POO cards (which I can’t find now), weird records, extreme Guinness records, civet cat coffee, and more.

After I got home, I decided to see whether I could find the Lindt eggs at the nearby London Drugs; they were totally out, but I was unwilling to waste my trip out. I got orange anti-bacterial detergent (it smells nice!) and two kinds of on-sale Easter eggs. There was way too much of a lineup at Shoppers Drug Mart; after checking the hand soap prices at both places, I figured that the Bath & Body Works offer of five for $20 is a reasonable buy! Then I decided to go to the huge London Drugs near Broadway Station, but also came up empty; I especially didn’t want to waste the trip out there! I got Lays Honey Mustard / Cheddar and Sour Cream chips, two kinds of gum in the 60-count containers, and 100-count orange Tic-Tacs. I was glad I had the gum on my way home since my breath needed freshening – nothing works for me as well as gum does! When I got home, I put some Mega Smarties in a Ziploc bag for Stanley tomorrow, and a bunch of Lindt chocolate eggs in another Ziploc bag for Mike tomorrow.

Then I heard the DOUBLE overtime… it turned out the Predators got a goal with 67 seconds left in the game (OUCH), and ultimately got the winning goal. SO DISAPPOINTING! This was the longest game in Predators history, and the third-longest game in Canucks history. (the longest would be the quintuple OT playoff marathon in 2007 against the Dallas Stars; we won that one 5-4) I also got SLB scheduling emails from Steph; since she has Whitecaps tickets for 8 that night, she’d like it to be earlier, but knows that might be difficult for working types with more conventional schedules. According to Nathan, 5-5:30 works for him; it certainly works for me and Teunis! If Nate picks us up AND does it early enough, we can stop by London Drugs so he can take a picture of that model which reminds me of his girlfriend Ciel’s pictures! Eric just tried to call me, but got no answer. I then got a series of MSN messages from him: “your phone is ringing – I need to do sound tomorrow, and we’ll leave your place at 8:45 – this is NOT a joke!” Also, Mark Moreau wanted to add me to Facebook because of the Canucks fan page; at least he ASKED, so I’m more amenable to adding him!

Lays Cheddar and Sour Cream chips!

Lays Honey Mustard chips!

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