Emmanuel, Craig, Nicholas, and a 2-1 BURROWS OVERTIME WIN!

I called Chinese Eric at 6 to see what was up – Erica wasn’t going back home, which makes sense since she works downtown. He’s not sure what Nate is doing, but he does jokingly say I can blame it on my brother… good, haha! Wished him good luck tomorrow amid his saying that we could always hang out some other time during the playoffs and beyond; for sure! GAME 7!!!!! Emmanuel J., Craig F., Nicholas D., Robyn B., and Grant B. added me to Facebook because of the Canucks game, but I don’t think so.

Vanessa talked to me on MSN about her boyfriend wrecking her birthday, but I was more interested in the game. It went well, but then Toews scored with less than two minutes left, sending the game into sudden death overtime! UGH UGH UGH! But then Burrows scored again in OVERTIME… I don’t care if I woke Teunis up with my throat-shredding yells! Then I bugged Corey on MSN, hahaha… on to Nashville and the second round! Burrows, Luongo, and Crawford = the three stars according to Team 1040. That’s about right!


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