Trout Lake Sunrise Service, good breakfast, and chocolate eggs galore – EASTER!

Eric picked us up just after 6:35 AM, and I made a joke that I’d managed to drag the heathen out to church this morning, haha. (which Teunis said was literally true – “heather” comes from the same root word as “heath”) We discussed the movie he watched last night which came out a couple of years back, hockey playoffs, Cat living around Trout Lake Park, his not having met her fiancé yet, Jordan / Matthew / some girl Eric met at one of my birthdays (not sure whom), and other things. At Trout Lake, I said hi to Amy and Rich – good to see them! Mr. Creep WAS at Sunrise Service, so I avoided him as much as possible by going to the other side of the circle. The service went pretty well, and Dianne agreed that she liked the natural backdrop of the mountains / lake / ducks! (Phil said that we should hold it in a graveyard next year, so Jon said, “Let’s get arrested!”)

Afterwards, I welcomed Sam back home / discussed things (like the cold weather) with Dianne, Hung, and Christon / greeted Angus / said hi to others (like Jeremy’s parents Doug and Laura) before we went to the church. I gave Jeremy his new guestbook, which he figured could be used this afternoon: YES, INDEED! While waiting for breakfast to start, Jon and Harmony brought out a coffee grinder and asked us to kick in a dollar for the special roasted coffee (no scorching!) – I chipped in $2 for Teunis’ sake as well, which led Harmony to make a joke. NO, NOT THAT KIND OF “US”! It was funny when Christon balanced the kettle on top of the chairs, haha. Discussed coffee beans, Mark, Paul’s work, Laura having congee for the first time ever, rice, deviled eggs, vegetable soup with chicken and potatoes, Stanford’s exacting cooking standards, French toast, religious history, the 4:30 hockey game, orange juice, and more. It seemed as if Teunis was enjoying discussions with Pastor Tom, so this is a good thing. (heard Pastor Edward and Doug discussing the 2003 Kelowna fires and heart problems, too)

Offered people my Excel gum afterwards: Priscilla and Natalie took some while Hannah declined. Jonathan asked me for some, calling me “the best,” hahaha. I led Teunis out of the fellowship hall, and said hi to Dad: no ordering tea-leaf eggs for US! Once we were in the sanctuary, I decided to go see baby Micah for a few minutes. Jessica had the same thought, so we spent a delightful bit just saying hi to him – he really liked my red toque since it was bright and colorful! (he smiled a bunch at us, anyway) I remembered that Mattias had liked my shiny keys at that age, so took them out for this baby – I let Micah touch them, but took them away before he could even think of putting them in his mouth. (germ / slobber concerns) Uncle Edwin asked if he could walk yet, but he’s only six months old! The service itself went pretty much as usual; Nathan W. (who accepted my offer of a Kleenex mini-pack) and I were both being lazy when it came to passing the peace, haha. Pastor Edward announced that this was his last official sermon, which I remembered, so I made sure to thank him afterwards – Auntie Soo (Billy’s mom) was taking some time in doing the same right in front of me!

Said hi to Grandma, who gave me a typical answer when I asked her whether she was happy – oh well. Gave Victor the baptism card I’d prepared, and he thanked me for it. Discussed hummus, paprika, a model on the London Drugs drinks cooler looking like Ciel’s FB pics (Nate got a kick out of that), Kaili possibly being interested in the theology as presented today if it weren’t so CHRISTIAN, chocolates from the family, and more prior to my going upstairs to Toddler Sunday School. (said hi to Joe and Helen on the way) Saw Mattias, Ashley, Ada, David, Evelyn, Ramen, Shira, Esther, and Anastasia – Auntie Ying said she’s going to Toronto for two months to spend some time with her mom. She thanked me for praying for her, when I actually haven’t done any such thing; not really because of disbelief, but I just don’t do that too much for some odd reason! I played with the kids, who seemed to like pretending to eat the toy food – also wiped some noses, as well. Gave out Lindt chocolate eggs from one package; Chung said he and Karen don’t give chocolate to Mattias, but I didn’t give him ALL the chocolate he had today! The remainder went to Rachel (she could have two since she’s older) and Ian / Sean L. I already had a pack each for Ian and Sean, and figured they could just have the bag when their dad John asked about it… Ian did thank me! (he had chips and such already) Rachel also told me that some kid had eaten an eraser, so I told her about Jeas Town and his eating candles / crayons for the wax – EW is right!

Went downstairs (saying hi to Sean S. and Conor and their mom Pauline on the way) and spent some more time with baby Micah, who had an injury! Cindy noticed it and had some good advice on how to deal with it – wet wipes were good for baby. I told him that he would be so big when he got back from the States in a month! They DO grow really fast at that age – he’s just tiny in real life because Grace zooms in on the pictures she posts to Facebook, haha. Eric was ready to go in a few minutes, so we discussed church history / bathing / King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I / cleanliness / Scandinavians / Rome / Greece on the way home. At home, Teunis took some time to talk to his family about stuff, which is always good. We also discussed Mormon “home training,” which kinda sounds like the discussions we have about church-related stuff. Interesting day so far!

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