Impending doom and INVADER ZIM / ZOOLANDER / Gay Christians / Smoothies

Teunis and I discussed INVADER ZIM, Brandy doing the robot’s voice perfectly, “impending doom” mixes, his family, the past, Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s RELAX (and the BBC ban), sourdough pancakes, songs stuck in head, ZOOLANDER (he’s never seen it?!), extreme weddings, XKCD, Evanescence, movie themes, RED DWARF, FIGHT CLUB, Weird Al / Lady Gaga, tone, muffins, Vitamin C, cravings, food origins, corn, news, gay Christians, and more. Called Eric to see whether he was going to the hockey game at Jeremy’s tomorrow: he’ll get back to me, which is totally fine.

You Are a Mixed Berry Smoothie

You are a visionary. You have big ideas for the future.

You are not competitive in the least. There’s plenty of room at the top.

You value solitude. Some of your best ideas and creations come out of alone time.

You do not like crowds. You find them to be both overwhelming and draining.

This quiz makes me want to get some bubble tea, which I will probably do very soon. 😀


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