Random research trumping downtime and a 4 PM hockey playoff game?!

Before Teunis left, we discussed grocery shopping / Team 1040 static / Linux vs. Windows / lunch with Rhiannon – yes, she DOES work nearby, which makes things easier! Nathan says that the location for his random research Chinese heritage thing will be at Jer’s on Sunday after “a random lunch of Pho” and before the Sunday Dinner / hockey game. Thanks for considering your friends’ downtime needs, Nate! *sarcasm* Of course, since the game is in Chicago, it’ll be at 4 PM here… I bet Eric will probably want to stay out. It used to be that I could pretty much count on him going home and then coming back, but now? Who knows, with his “friends” and such! I’ll figure it out with him tomorrow, hopefully.

You Are Empathetic

Whenever there is an emotional situation, you’re usually the first to laugh or cry.

Emotions are your domain, and you tend to use them for good.

You will go to great lengths to make your partner feel adored. You are doting.

While you sometimes tire of it, people always turn to you for advice.


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