Finally getting to meet Cat with playoff hockey in the background – DOUBLE YAY!

While I was listening to the pre-game stuff on Team 1040, Teunis and Cat (catmcroy) came by to get some tea – sure, I was up for chai! Yes, I’d finished the milk before I reposted something! (repost = muhahaha!) They were apparently in traffic out of Surrey for a LONG time, and didn’t pass a grocery store to get milk or sugar. She noticed my BABY NAME COUNTDOWN book, and started leafing through it while wondering where “Stephanie” (her daughter’s name) would be. It’s still common, but not TOO popular. She said there were four Lindsays in her high school grad class, and at least two of them had the last initial of G… oh my! Needless to say, we had a spirited discussion about naming – if your girlfriend is pregnant, at LEAST have a couple of names as options, OR have an opinion on the names she picks other than “I don’t know”!

We also discussed the radio volume, Kaili, Kaili’s father (who gives Cat the creeps – and reminds Teunis of Mr. Creep), alcoholics, poker, Asperger’s, autism, Teunis’ bad ex-roommate (his brother’s best friend – Matthew didn’t listen to Cat’s story at ALL!) who used his autism as a “special needs” excuse for why he couldn’t pack and leave in six weeks, Facebook, online games, urban shamanism, mice, Mike and Chris from Hundred Mile House / aggravation, her kitten, her fiancĂ©, Jordan, quitting FarmVille cold turkey, and more. He’s glad that we finally met – I think we’ll get along, haha. Teunis said that he was going to make birthday pie, but his brother invited him out for dinner at a restaurant – yes, there IS a time limit for sure! (I could have gone to Jeremy’s, but decided not to) While we were talking about Jordan and Matthew living near each other / the church, I wanted to know whether he would go to the Easter Sunrise Service and breakfast. He thought about it for a bit, and then said he would – NICE! (must reserve TWO $5 bills instead of just the one – maybe I can pay Phil on Friday) Then he said something about playing a small RPG called CHANGELING here in the future – just him, Cat, and Kaili. Should be doable, I suppose – as long as he lets me know when they’re all coming over and stuff so I can leave, hahaha!


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