Ketchup chips, Crispers, Blackjack Cherry frozen yogurt, Half-Baked, and kimchi

After Teunis left, I decided to go out myself and cash my cheque. After that, I got a blueberry bubble tea from Big Orange before going to Shoppers. I bought ten on-sale Sidekicks, Post-It notes as a quirky birthday gift for Mike K. in August since he mentioned that he liked them on the weekend at Awana, on-sale Cadbury mini-eggs for me / Teunis / Chrystal, Lays ketchup chips (Shannon put the idea in my head), and on-sale toilet paper. Went to the liquor store and got a Dead Frog mint chocolate beer as a treat, haha. Then I went to Save-On Foods and got on-sale pads, a tub of malt eggs for Teunis, Ben and Jerry’s (Teunis has never had it… I got Half-Baked), Chapman’s Blackjack Cherry frozen yogurt (the 4L ice cream was $2 cheaper – but what if I can’t open it when Teunis isn’t home?), ranch / All-Dressed Crispers (Hung put the idea in my head), green tea soy milk, light vanilla soy milk, noodles, and some bananas.

Got home, put stuff away, and discussed Cat / soup / kimchi / old standbys in terms of food / price comparison / T&T / going to an Asian market tomorrow / offices / stress with Teunis. I also gave him his birthday present, complete with card – he thanked me for it, and that was fine. Later, I finally got the chance to talk to Chinese Eric again – he says that his computer automatically connects to the Internet / MSN, and sometimes he just wants to chill when it’s on, so doesn’t get messages! Talked about hanging out, Nathan, Jon / Harmony, watching the salt intake, foods, his health, not wanting to leave half an hour into a hangout, playoff hangouts at his place, finding someone who WILL integrate smoothly into the family, SLB, driving people, and more. It was SO NICE to talk to him once more, haha. 😀


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