Spicy pancakes / Actual Jordan WARNING! / Old Navy / White and Nerdy

When I got up, Teunis had already showered and made pancakes – some with spicy sauce, even! I asked if he had any plans today – he was actually going to go walkabout with Jordan (who was taking the Canada Line to get to Marine Drive since he doesn’t have a multi-zone bus pass), and then asked if it would be okay to bring him here for some lemon-lime pie since he thinks Jordan would like the tart flavor. Since I approve of Jordan (and Kaili!), I said yes, and thanked him for the warning. Apparently, Tess isn’t quite as organized as Jordan would be, since HE teaches time management as a hobby! Kaili doesn’t know she’s prioritizing, but no doubt IS – discussed theology, Regent, Trinity, seminary, Satanists, “mad Catholics / burn the witch!”, Wicca, alternatives, feelings, distance, and more prior to his leaving. Vanessa buzzed me to say that she’s leaving this hellhole for good in two weeks – it’s good that she got a job on the Island! We also discussed the last week or so around here before she had to go get ready for Interview, Part 2. Since I didn’t want the guys to catch me unawares, I took a shower right after Teunis left – better than losing track of time!

You Are Old Navy

You are a wholesome person. You live a low-key, low-drama, and healthy life.

You are emotionally stable. You understand what matters most, and you prioritize well.

You know where you’re going in life… and why you’re going there. Social pressure doesn’t get to you.

You are dependable and trustworthy. Your friends know that you’re solid and true.

For fun, I had Teunis take this quiz once I saw it in Kitty’s (dutch_kitty) journal:

You are 56% white and nerdy.
How White and Nerdy Are You?


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