Big chocolate bars, Janet, Julie S. and sisterhood, skirts

Discussed the biggest chocolate bar (4410 pounds – I can tell Ian and Sean on Saturday if I remember), expensive dinners ($225 or $900 probably involves alcohol), funny stuff, LJ being down again (this latest one even affects the dungeons and space adventures – NOT COOL), and blocking FB apps. Also talked about Julie S. listing me as her sister (yay!), remembering why I blocked Wordscraper (all the annoying ads which you can’t remove!), his being on the programming list for Chrome, confusion about FB / LJ link comments, and more prior to my going to bed. Might as well post this while LJ is actually behaving!

You Are Detail Oriented

You are efficient and precise. You like to get down to business.

You choose your words carefully to make sure you communicate effectively.

You are concerned about others and the world at large. You worry a fair amount.

You are neat and accurate in any work you do. You take pride in a job well done.

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