Sausage Egg McMuffins, adultery, SushiHolic, reading books to kids, and more

I only have half an hour to get this out… let’s see if I can do this! When Eric called this morning to say that he’d be leaving shortly, I said: “Hello. You are talking to someone whose apartment is currently being invaded. Please leave a message at the beep… BEEP!” Of course, he wondered who would be invading my apartment; I kept it to “Teunis and a friend,” knowing I’d tell him more later – THAT doesn’t need to be said! Tess kinda apologized after that, but I wasn’t really in the mood – nor was I in the mood to acknowledge Teunis’ wish for a good day beyond a nod. (I was running REALLY late since Eric called again to say he was here) In the car, I talked to Eric about things; his listening did make me feel slightly better! I’m pretty sure they DO have an “arrangement,” but that’s none of my business really. At least the car ride wasn’t about the usual subjects, except when he decided to break out DARKWING DUCK and DONKEY KONGA themes for me! (he also asked me about Friday – had to do it for downtime purposes, though!) He wondered whether I wanted SushiHolic later on; sure, why not?

Got to church almost on time, and quickly found a seat. When Jon and Harmony came in later, I made a mental note to ask them later about tonight. Communion came, and Randal was one of the servers – oh well, that didn’t mean I needed to say anything back when he told me what the bread symbolized! After service, I learned that Jon and Harmony might transit to Tapenade instead – okay, then! Talked to Lincoln, Karen (who forgot her shoe inside the sanctuary – how embarrassing!), Jon / Harmony (signing a card), Jeremy (Lenting sounds of modern culture – so will check out the nuclear reactor video later today), Dianne (Calgary SNOW from David Horne’s picture – wishful thinking “NO SNOW FOR THE TWO YEARS I’M THERE!”), Stanley (Sausage Egg McMuffins), and others while saying hi to Grace / baby Micah / Hung / Deb. I stayed away from the coffee machine while having a doughnut because Mr. Creep was in attendance again – I also had to plot my course out of the church later on since he was in the middle of my path while going down the stairs. Luckily, the church sanctuary was still open (they lock it after a while), so I cut through there while saying hi to little Sean. PHEW!

Went upstairs to Toddler Sunday School; saw Anastasia, David (who bumped his head on the wall), Evelyn, Brandon (“no dark!”), Jesse (really late), Ada, Ashley, Mattias (“NO! TRUCK! BANANA! ANIMAL CRACKERS! APPLES!”), Ramen, Shira, and Alexis. Spent time playing with them and reading them DORA books – so cute! Eric came upstairs later as I was reading to Shira – “I don’t think she can read that fast,” indeed! When I went downstairs, Jeremy invited me to lunch; unfortunately, I had the meeting! I met up with the guys at SushiHolic later; saw Daniel, Victor, Benedict, and Jason there with some of their friends. Victor said he doesn’t think I know the others getting baptized with him at Easter – fair enough!

Dylan, Jen, Kevin, Eric, and I talked about programs / sushi / rice / attendance / Calla / Randal / Carmen / Jane / Gloria / Easter Sunrise Service breakfast / fall stuff. I’m not going to some things, that’s for sure! Eric and I drove Jen and Dylan home later – at least the next meeting isn’t on a Sunday, to accommodate Pastor Tom’s schedule from Abbotsford! Diven does seem receptive to an SLB hangout when Nate is back, which is good. I’ll send a general email tonight or the next day. (discussed adultery / sweater changes / bling / hockey / baseball) Called Jon to say I could bus to Tapenade, and annoyed Steph with the same thing!

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