Tootsie Pop lollipops, Inuits, Harrison, Amos, chocolate, and Indians

Henry picked me up at the usual time, and we talked for a bit about finding a job / his break / the nice weather before settling down to listen to music. At church, we were slightly late, but that was okay. I said hi to Chrystal and Golden (doing some origami cranes) – helped Auntie Vivian with some candy canes, Mott’s Fruitsations, and Rice Krispie Squares. Chrystal isn’t doing anything for Emily’s wedding (which is probably better for her), and really appreciated the bag of extra candy! Mike K. said that Sean L. was talking more understandably now; this IS good, because he wouldn’t have been doing this a few years ago with his condition! Talked to Ian, John, Victor C., and Winston about the stuff in the Awana store; the Tootsie Pop lollipops were turning everyone’s tongues and teeth different colors, and Ian’s actually matched his blue fleece jacket! For once, Harrison wasn’t being a total snot, and showed me his green tongue! Saw Maxine (looking really pregnant) and Joshua, so said hi to them as well.

Told Mary to stop teasing Victor L. – it’s okay if I put a friendly arm around him, haha! Henry was playfighting with Julie, who told me to poke him; he said I shouldn’t because he drives me – I’m not fazed at ALL by that, hahaha! Amos said that the Tootsie Roll lollipops had chocolate in them, and that he was allergic to it – his mom Jennifer had treats in her bag for him just because of this sort of thing coming up! I was talking to Jordan and Thomas about hockey and badges when I had to leave. On the way home, Sean and Ian were discussing their Spring Break Mexican cruise / the world’s most expensive chocolate / Indians (“they live in the hot!”) / Inuits and how they get around and what they eat / bananas / the world’s biggest lollipop / the world’s tallest man… good times! When I got home, I noticed some instruments on the bed when they weren’t here before – I don’t want to know what that’s about, unless Teunis was in while I was out. Who knows… now, more solitude awaits!


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