Expensive crystals and caves in a dream / Meeting Tess and talking about poly

All I remember of my dream is that a bunch of us were taking a bus tour somewhere, and Melia / Emily / Vanessa / Mike T. / other people were in an expensive jewelry store with crystals. We were talking about caves and punishment, and then Melia spotted a crystal cave; we spent a lot of time checking out the jewelry selection! Then the store workers reminded us that our tour bus was waiting outside since it was 5 AM, so we all left to check out the rainy / snowy weather and sidewalks. I saw Eric M. in a car which was a hybrid of the Parisienne and Sunfire, waiting for me… I expressed concern over my luggage and things in the tour bus, but he got impatient and said we had to leave now; the luggage and things would be delivered to me at no cost later on. NO IDEA WHY I HAD THE DREAM! (although maybe my subconscious is telling me that Eric is getting impatient with me – no idea WHY, though!)

Teunis came by with Tess (tara_knight) at 2:30, and we spent half an hour talking about stuff like poly, long-distance, moving to California / the Silicon Valley, commercials, Guildford Mall, culture shock, long lists of people, Palmer, Kaili, Cat, Krista, my passion about things, sex, gold stars, books, their coming by when I was out yesterday, my sexy dreams, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, my low-tech blue guestbook, LJ / Facebook, my “filters,” Aberdeen, Leviticus, dating, wheat prices, the yogurt drinks, instruments, and more. It was interesting, to be sure. Now I have my alone time back again, haha. Tess did try teasing Teunis a bunch, but I imagine that’s par for the course!


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