Digital TV remotes, crab and butter, snails, meat, junk, and nutrition

When Teunis finally got up after I ate the spanokopita (spinach pie), I asked him about the Digital TV equipment, which he set up and read the warnings / instruction manuals for. He said it was Shaw’s solution to the analog TV not being supported much longer – makes sense, and his TV from Rhiannon’s is indeed a digital one. Thank goodness they included a universal remote, haha. He messed about with the remote, but figures it’s been hardwired not to work till later.

Discussed 9/11, Spanish culture (dinner at midnight?!), his being unable to sleep, US terrorism / gang violence, Jordan, frying imitation crab in butter, (toasted) croissants (as lunch), hutspot (carrots and potatoes) with curried stew beef as dinner, Tess getting in later tonight / his being out overnight or for the next week, European textbook teaching law (original language – no translations), Eleanor d’Aquitaine, English-French animosity, lobster, snails, coffee, nobility vs. peasants, meat, nutrition, height, frog legs, health, politics / food history, and junk. Also talked about math jokes, Marilynn’s frog dying, Karla’s beef stew, change for laundry, loonies, quarters, breathing, sleep apnea, expiry dates, exploring, PETA / elephants, a good school memory, the Lower Mainland feeling like home, missing each other if he moved, and more.


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