April is NOT tomorrow! / Durian / Prank Call Accomplishment

Teunis had to get up because the Hundred Mile House folks buzzed him on Skype, so that pissed ME off. Eventually, they were forgiven since they amused me because they asked whether his birthday / April was tomorrow… CHECK YOUR CALENDARS, hahaha! We also discussed servers, motherboards, UPS battery backups, power outages, the DRAGON AGE 2 player who got all annoyed because his character got hit on by another male, blueberry juice, curry and potatoes, a group called IN THE WOODS, stress / overload, the Canadian government, salt / water, Skinny Puppy, Tess coming on Wednesday from California and wanting to meet me (?!) drunken characters in THE WITCHER, La Casa Gelato, durian, ice cream (no vanilla), Poland and its treatment of red-heads, and more. I found a bunch of CDs which I forgot about, and then spent some time placing personalized tape over the CD cases so they’d be marked as MY property! Also, I *just* finished typing out a list of the things on Prank Call CD 2 from Corey – YAY!


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