New washcloths, MSG, adding caffeine to juice, and wild lips

Decided to do some laundry so I can use my new washcloths and tea / kitchen towels, haha. At least Teunis noticed the kitchen towels when I asked him what was new around here, but didn’t really notice the washcloths as they are my property! I asked him to “work with me,” hahahaha – since I otherwise will never get a chance to do the whole “notice anything NEW?” bit, I had to do it at least once. We also discussed some new game the group played yesterday – apparently, they can do that AND visit at the same time, so more power to them? Talked about Starbucks, McDonalds, MSG, Western Chinese food as “white man’s garbage,” Wal-Mart, added caffeine to EVERYTHING at Starbucks (including the juice? gotta get your customers coming back SOME way…), Tim Horton’s, being a responsible corporate citizen, and more prior to my trying to get some sleep! Eric just called, too…

You Are Wild and Wise

You are a whimsical and idiosyncratic person. You’re very self-reliant and apt to do your own thing.

You are deeply intuitive. You understand the world better than almost anyone else.

You are very profound. You have amazing insights, and you’re excited by theory and philosophies.

You’re not just a thinker… you’re also a doer. You produce valuable and original works.


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