Advanced Time Calculator / Muppet Show / Rubber or Glue

I called Steph to see what she wanted, and I was right! Teunis and I just talked about frustration and such before he went for a walk – good thing, too. Later, we discussed the modern MUPPET SHOW / milk lasting till Tuesday / ice cream / bills / soy milk / a game called THE WITCHER radio shows going to his phone before he left. He did apologize, which I accepted – then he brought his guitar to gaming, for code inspiration.

I found a great Advanced Time Calculator!

You Are Glue

You can’t help it… you’re a sensitive soul. Words can hurt and even scar you.

You don’t like to be criticized, and you can’t help but take any and all criticism to heart.

You need to learn to shrug off what other people say. Guess what? They’re often wrong!

Listen to your own voice and inner teacher. Deep down, you know who you are and what you need to do.


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