Viking DEFENESTRATION, note communication, and confrontation!

Teunis and I talked about poly people, Greeks / Romans / Vikings, some song he found which had the word DEFENESTRATION in it, Will Smith, marriage, the Norse, Tears for Fears, butter for his noodles, popped lenses of my glasses, and more. No hard feelings – he says – because we can discuss things somewhat rationally, heh. By the time I got up, I saw that we had devolved to communicating with each other via notes, hahahaha. (JOKING) Yes, I knew that the alarm inspector had been here since, y’know, THAT WOKE ME UP BRIEFLY! Same with his going out to his brother’s place because – guess what? – HIS TALKING ON SKYPE ALSO WOKE ME UP BRIEFLY! I’m definitely not mad, though; it’s just amusing! Nathan says that he is absolutely up for some Shanghai Wonderful craziness – oh good, we need to introduce Lisa to the madcap fun!

You Are a Diplomat

You’re no stranger to confrontation, but you do try to keep things in perspective.

Even if you’re in the right, no one likes to hear that they’re in the wrong.

You approach confrontations with tact, manners, and even a little bit of manipulation.

You know that you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar!


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