Fixed glasses, green apple Tic-Tacs, bread, and peanut butter eggs

I went out to Factory Optical Direct this afternoon; the trip was pretty much uneventful except for some impatient man who wanted to get on the elevator after I’d already pushed the CLOSE button because the train was due to leave any minute! As it happened, I got on the train ten seconds before the doors closed – HELLO, OTHER PEOPLE CAN WAIT! I realize this sounds bad, but I seriously didn’t want to wait six minutes for the next train! Got off at Olympic Village and actually remembered where Ash St. was! After a little bit of ditziness as to where the customer entrance actually was), I got my glasses fixed! While I was out, I decided to get peanut butter eggs from Purdy’s, scissors from Shoppers Drug Mart, a mango bubble tea from Big Orange, 30th birthday cards for Eric M. and Jeremy and Jon / on-sale Seven Grain and Sunflower Flax bread / on-sale green apple (NEW FLAVOR) and mint Tic-Tacs [100 mints in each container!] / pomegranate iced tea from London Drugs.


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