GWAR Village! / Joey, lychee, WALLET SCAM, and KEEPING RECEIPTS

When Teunis got up, we discussed some more things: mathematics of error and land surveying, GWAR, Joey / Sam / Emily, the lychee grass jelly drink, fish dying in music videos / running jokes, Tea Party / Ugly Kid Joe / Infinitism (his stepbrother is the cello player!), kobold quotes from DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS ONLINE, Hawaiian pizza, tomatoes, trade-offs, sleeping earlier, hope, the guy behind DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS (I’ve read about Gary Gygas – sounds like Giygas from EARTHBOUND! – in a Bathroom Reader!), and more. I put on my own metal playlist, which suited my mood!

Then a neighbor tried scamming me by saying she’d lost her wallet, has cancer, didn’t want to disturb me, lost her bank card, and needed money tonight for medicine – I DON’T THINK SO! I note that snacks for Christon’s group is up soon, like next Friday. That’s my group; if I end up not going because the stupid program is PING-PONG (of all things!), I can always keep the oatcakes (my plan) for myself, but I need to KEEP THE DAMN RECEIPT until then! NOTE TO SELF, indeed!


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