Daphne du Maurier, 91st birthday pics, grammar, February 2011 BBT Tally

Teunis and I discussed advertising, cigarettes, his having fried mushrooms while I was out, cleaning the fridge while he stays up all night, creepy radio shows (Daphne du Maurier’s DON’T LOOK NOW), NOT enabling each other’s laziness to the extent that Steph thinks, and my going to bed at a reasonable hour when I *do* have church the next morning. We also talked about the MUPPET SHOW, eye contact, his DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS characters / realms / servers, jellybeans, diplomats, fried egg in toast (toad in the hole), Auntie Beatrice, the porkchops, Steph requesting eye contact, being melodramatic, Mom’s new desktop picture being the STATUS HIJACK, and more.

Noticed that Eric and Matthew Ma have either deleted their FB accounts (more likely) or unfriended me – it happens! All I remember about my dream is going around to places with Sam, his brother Jeremy, and Daniel L. – we also climbed up some grassy inclines, ate some grass, and waited for each other in a parking lot filled with cars. I also went on a grammar rant to Daniel, haha. No idea why I had that one! Ben (_brainsick_) also messaged me on YM about IQ tests, heh.

You Are Fruit

You are a reasonable and realistic person. You don’t get too caught up in how you think things should be.

You take each day as it comes and simply try to do your best. Tomorrow is a fresh start.

You have a lot of discipline, but you also believe in moderation. You avoid any extremes.

You have ideals, but you try not to let those ideals get in the way of living your life.


mango @ Flaming Wok (Tuesday, Feb. 15)

Steph has uploaded pictures from last night’s dinner!

Jon and Steph showcasing their Dennis Rodman #91 jerseys, and pointing to Grandma:

Grandma and me with my bling sweater:

Jon with a pigeon head in his mouth:

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