No church! / The MUPPET SHOW / Pork chops / Pearls

While I was listening to some out-of-season stuff last night, white Eric called to say that he’d pass on church because of the snow… BEST IDEA EVER! Teunis and I discussed porkchops, ENCHANTED, chocolate, the MUPPET SHOW, Arabic noodles with cream of mushroom soup / mustard, John Denver / Crystal Gayle / Arlo Guthrie / no more Gonzo / Victor Borge, never re-freezing meat, my dinner at 6 tomorrow, that metal bowl from last time / a pot for the cream pie, and more. Actually, we did this till 5:30 AM – man, was I glad that I didn’t have to get up at 8!

You Are a Cream Pearl

You are emotionally stable and serene. You have cultivated gratitude and peace in your life.

You are both intensely alive and totally easygoing. You roll with the punches.

You are good-natured and purposely try to keep things simple. You deflect drama.

Friends turn to you during times of trouble. You are optimistic and reassuring.

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