Grandma is now 91!

When Jon, Steph, and Harmony picked me up, I had my gold bling sweater on – HAHAHA! Steph said that Lisa had paid for some seaweed, which was now mine. Then she said something about Blue Menu lasagna, which was huge – sure, I guess I can have some! Saw Alan, Polly, Uncle Reuben, Auntie Christine, Mom, Dad, and Grandma at Neptune Restaurant – of course, lots of jokes were made at MY expense, and I got scolded for rudeness when I prefer not making eye contact with a lot of people. *sigh* We actually saw Michael H., his mom, and his three kids Ethan (on his DS) / Seren / Megan a couple of tables away, so we talked to them for a bit before having our own dinner of DOU-MEW, crab, beef, sweet and sour pork, shark’s fin soup, noodles, rice, birthday buns, and more! Talked about the #91 jerseys from the Chicago Bulls, City Fresh Market, Groupons, our cousins, hockey, the Oscars tonight, Celine Dion, VANILLA SKY / Penelope Cruz and her accent on an “Open your eyes…” line, Christian Bale, THE FIGHTER, Jon being sick, the PIGEON HEAD, Awana, Jordan, cooking, animation, Orlando Bloom, a PIGEON HEAD, Colin Firth, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, embarrassing teenage celebrity crushes, and more. When the family got to the “holding hands around the table” part of the evening, I was glad that Dave and I weren’t ever an item. Not to say that he would have gone along with it, but I HATE THAT!

Grandma seemed happy with the birthday card I got her, but wondered whether we’d written “Happy Birthday” in Chinese, or whether “White Kid” (Eric M.) had written in it – NO! Then she complained that I’d written in English on the envelope, so she couldn’t understand it – that was a reminder to myself as to what the card was, so no need for her to know! Mom gave me some candy conversation hearts (since that’s kinda WRONG, I decided that the kids or Chrystal can have those) while inviting me to dinner tomorrow with Steph – thank goodness that the porkchops provide an easy excuse. TOO MUCH FAMILY TIME! Luckily, Steph can drop off the lasagna on the way to the townhouse! Even more luckily, Teunis likes lasagna, and hasn’t had it in years… HEHEHE!

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