Snowy weather is BAD for driving – are you INSANE?!

I checked Facebook, and found this as Jenny’s status: “In the span of one block on No. 5 & Westminster Hwy: 2 cars in the ditch, 2+ car collisions, and 4+ cars on the side with 4-way lights on. Oh, and an ambulance.” Yeah, I don’t think I’m going out alone today if I can help it, which is what she highly recommended! Called Steph to see if she could give me a ride to tomorrow’s dinner (which I assume is still on), and she said she could. She accidentally called me “honey,” which was embarrassing because Lisa was around, haha! Teunis called Jordan to see what was up – he’s actually SKIPPING tonight’s gaming / eating session unless people call to say he should come out (which will take him an hour), which is good in view of the weather and bad drivers! Then I called Henry, who is actually still in Winnipeg till tonight; accidental long-distance calls are AWKWARD!

Called Ada, who said she’s planning to make it out to Awana today – well, as long as she picks me up and such, it should be fine. Nobody’s called to say Awana has been cancelled, after all… then Teunis called someone who really tried convincing him to make it out to gaming / eating – apparently, this person doesn’t think that the weather should be a problem because HE drives really quickly and won’t need 90 minutes to make it out. \

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