SKY HIGH, ENCHANTED, and skiing / sledding / skating / snowboarding

I updated my recap entry while Teunis put on SKY HIGH last night – I remember watching that at Erik’s, and it IS better written than the cadaver movie, haha! Had him help me with opening the jar of raspberry jam, and then had a nice simple meal of a sandwich and chicken noodle soup. I saw that the lip balm is on sale at London Drugs, so I can go there if there’s no snow… I should just give Martin a birthday card since his birthday is coming up on March 1, haha. Then Teunis put on ENCHANTED – movies as background noise is cool! I just checked the weather outside, and it’s snowing lightly – DAMMIT!

This just in from Spoz: If you hate the new photo viewer on Facebook? Hit the F5 key after the picture comes up and it will return you to the old way of viewing the photo, and remove the black box around it. Pass it on!

You Are Sledding

You are a very self-aware person, but you never take yourself too seriously.

You have an ironic view of life and yourself. When things get tough, you can get philosophical.

You are easygoing and easy to please. You love to break out of your comfort zone.

You are too much of a generalist to specialize in anything. There are many fields you dabble in.

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