Sin and wrath, Cattle Café, and B-movies

Eric picked me up and started bugging me about the snow, but not before he returned Jen’s phone call about worship. We talked about Mr. Creep, my “paranoia,” hockey, Team 1040, gas prices as they related to current events in Libya (126.9), Mohawks, why I “shouldn’t” have disturbances in my psyche (too bad!), the ENEMY, snow angels, and more. Got to the chapel, and Kevin observed that he hadn’t seen me in a while on Fridays – hey, I now dislike that since I do my own thing. Borrowed Deb’s Bible for the talk on Ephesians 2 – it was way too heavily weighted on sin and wrath for my taste! Kevin, Eric, Cindy, Christon, Martin, and I tried figuring out what to do for Small Group Outing next week: Christon thought hot pot might be an idea (EXPENSIVE!), Cindy suggested doing something for Pastor John (already done), Kevin suggested bowling (I wouldn’t go with such a program) and brought up Gloria and Vicky (they’re not regular anyway…), I reminded people about budgets, Cindy suggested “sharing and caring” (too positive), and Martin suggested doing something for Pastor Edward since he’s retiring soon. I had almost no reservations with that, unless it was scrapbooking.

Christon suggested working on a gift basket at the church, which sounds okay in theory. Talked to Cindy about her students, who behaved better this week. Martin said we could go to the Cattle Café, since there was one in Richmond – I said that it wasn’t far at ALL! Christon then said maybe not for me and Eric, but for everyone else… hey, as long as we don’t have to go too far at first! We talked to Wesley, Darren (he feels appreciated!), and Andrea before leaving – sports bar stuff is good! Later, Eric and I drove Jon home – we discussed the talk (too religious), Mexican mole (they’d made some at Jon’s yesterday – WHY DIDN’T ERIC TELL ME?), Jeremy being sick / having little energy, and more. Afterwards, we discussed the gas cap / snow / Mason Raymond / plans while listening to Team 1040. Got home and thought about last year, lip balm, and more while discussing FOOD and bad writing in B-movies (THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA) with Teunis.

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