Russell Stover, Josh Groban, Worcestershire sauce, and more!

Went out in the chill this afternoon to get on-sale Valentine’s Day gourmet jellybeans / on-sale mouthwash / pads from Shoppers Drug Mart, and on-sale Valentine’s Day Reese’s peanut butter cups / five bottles of on-sale ginger beer / actual milk (coconut milk is apparently too sweet in hot chocolate) / on-sale Russell Stover chocolates from London Drugs. Got home and discussed stuff with Teunis: my purchases, cravings for cheese sauce, Worcestershire sauce (he can wait for that), an Asian Al Bundy at the Vancouver Public Library (Steph uploaded the picture!), military history, CBC DISPATCHES, hot and sour soup noodles, eggs, LJ private messages from spammer bots, comedians, Josh Groban, eating sausages, water / the environment, poker, toast, opening bottles of Genesis Juice, getting distracted, multi-tasking, a legend / guides for the chocolates, banning of bottled water, FUNNY auto-correct texts, and more.

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